Sunday, June 7, 2020

Japanese Type 94 TK Tankettes and Type 97 Te-Ke

These little tankettes can be brought as part of the HQ unit in Manchurian lists, and will go nicely with Hal's Type 89s.  They're so small!

I also painted up a single Type 97 Te-Ke tankette to go with a pair that I painted for Hal a few years ago.


Went with a similar style camouflage to the Type 89s
Tiny tanks with only a MG.  What could go wrong?
Type 97 Te-Ke joins the party!

Japanese Type 89 I-Go Platoon

I painted unit of Type 89 medium tanks for my friend Hal and used an early style paint scheme with ochre dividing lines.  These boxy tanks had quite a few parts, but went together with little effort.  I freehanded the camouflage and think it came out ok.

A Four-color pattern was used in the late 1930's and had been phased out by the beginning of the Pacific War.  Hal plans on using these for Manchurian battles.
I tried to freehand a regimental symbol I spotted online, think it came out ok.
Platoon party shot!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Polish C2P Artillery Tractors

These little armored tow vehicles were the nicest models in the bunch, too bad the rules for transport in Flames of War these days will probably keep them off the table.  Unknown maker.

Missing the windscreens, but none were provided.

Polish wz.34 Armored Car Platoon

Some reconnaissance, this time the wz.34 armored cars in all-metal.  Two are from True North, not sure about the other one.

Unit leader has a 37mm gun, MGs for the other two.