Saturday, January 25, 2020

Legion League II: The Empire Strikes Back

A new Star Wars: Legion league started up a few weeks ago at Game Kastle here in Sacramento using the skirmish rules and a reduced points limit.  My Imperial troops have engaged Rebel forces twice now, losing the first match while winning the second.

A close match seeing heavy Rebel casualties, but the Son of Skywalker hit my center hard and allowed the remaining Rebels to control enough objectives to win.
The jungle fight vs. a second group of Rebels saw the destruction of most of their forces, securing a victory for the Empire, even after losing their Lieutenant.

Friday, January 24, 2020

2019 Review

Last year I seemed a bit lost game-wise, as Flames of War was played less as V4 has struggled to find a footing in the NorCal area and the meta shift on the national level left me cold.  Strangely though, I seemed to get quite a bit of new units painted in the first half of the year before commission work made me put my own projects back on the shelf for a time.  I also reached out and picked up several new games, such as Star Wars: Legion, BattleTech, and the Harry Potter Miniature Adventure Game, though I've only had a chance to play the first of those.  Conventions were attended in Nevada and here in California, West Coast Nationals in Las Vegas, Gauntlet here in Sacramento, and KublaCon and Pacificon in the Bay Area.  Several smaller events were held locally, though most of these were more casual than in the past.  I got into Legion on the recommendation of some good friends, and even played a few games of X-Wing.  I also managed to paint quite a few minis!

Flames of War painted in 2019
Team Yankee West German Panzergrenadiers
Team Yankee West German Marder I AFVs
Team Yankee West German Jaguar 1s
Team Yankee West German Jaguar 2s
Team Yankee West German M109s
Team Yankee West German Leopard Is
Team Yankee West German Luchs
Team Yankee West German Gepards
Team Yankee West German Fliegerfausts
Team Yankee West German LARS 2s
Team Yankee West German M113 OP
Team Yankee West German PAH-1s
Team Yankee West German Tornadoes
Elven Rogue for Rob
The Gauntlet - Sacramento, CA
West Coast Nationals - Las Vegas, NV
Pacificon - Santa Clara, CA
KublaCon - San Francisco, CA
Had I not decided to get into Legion, I would've made my goal of painting more than I bought.  Oh well.

New stuff to paint!
I still have a few commission items to finish before I get to try my hand at painting Stormtroopers!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Early War at Game Kastle

We had a small Early War event last week at Game Kastle here in Sacramento and decided on 1350 points.  I brought a Panzerschützen force from Hellfire and Back.

Game One I played against Hal and his Italian Fucilieri.  The Mission was Breakout.

I didn't have much to defend the objectives, and Hal had mostly terrible troops, but a whole bunch of them.  If he played aggressively I wouldn't last long.
Luckily for me, Hal did not send the bulk of his armor at my lightly defended objective.  An ambush by Panzerjäger Is  managed to knock-out one of his M14s and Bail Out the rest, but they stubbornly remained.  His L3 flamethrower tankettes skirted around my mines, but my PaK36s knocked a few out.  
Hal's Fucilieri made a push on the other side, but repeated strikes by my Stukas, and fire from the Schützen kept them back.  I finally assaulted them back far enough to secure the game.
If Hal had come forward early he would've won big, but he kept a unit of five tanks back to defend against my reserves, and never used his second infantry unit.  8-1 win for me.

In the second game I defended in Bridgehead against Russ and his British Infantry Tank Company of Matildas.

On turn one my Stukas came in and took out an 18/25 Pounder and a Matilda I.  They would come in every turn this game.
My Panzerjägers ambushed another group of Matildas, and knocked one out!
A unit of Matilda Is assaulted my position, driving off the infantry and reducing the PaKs to a single gun, but two of them were Bailed Out in the process.  This was my best chance, but it was no use.  They both got back in.  My Panzers could only park threateningly at them near the objective.
Once Russ' Matilda IIs arrived that was game.  2-7 loss for me!
It was nice to have an event in Sac again, even if it was the unsupported Early War.  Still was good to get together!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Small Game of Late War

Johnny and I got together at the new Game Kastle store here in Sacramento to try and re-establish a FoW presence in town.  We decided to go for 80 points and I wanted to try out the newish Fallschirmjäger list from the D-Day German book.

We played Dust Up and Johnny had a US Armored Company.

Shermans and recon come straight at my troops, but my PaK40s get a few hits in.
I managed to knock out both jeeps and the armored car failed morale.  The Shermans shifted and managed to eliminate the PaKs with some help from mortars and 105 Shermans.
On the other side of the board, some FJs and StuGs hit the US infantry hard after my Nebelwerfers softened them up a bit. I won the assault and pushed them back out of the trees and began to close in on the Objective.
Johnny's Shermans managed to push my infantry back though, even through a solid Panzerfaust hit.  
Johnny won this one, a 2-7 loss for me.  He lost the recon and a unit of Shermans, I lost the PaK40s.  I needed more AT shots against so many Shermans.