Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Destruction of Phoenix Group

I got to play my first full-scale game of Star Wars Armada a few nights ago and met up one again with my friend Kevin.  I decided to put together a themed Rebel force, Phoenix Group from Rebels.
My fleet consisted of:

Pelta-class Command Ship
    -Phoenix Home
    -Commander Sato
    -Flight Commander
    -Shields to Maximum!
CR90a Corvette
CR90a Corvette
CR90b Corvette
    -Jaina's Light
    -Toryn Farr
    -High-Capacity Ion Turbines
Hammerhead-class Torpedo Corvette
    -Assault Proton Torpedoes
Hammerhead-class Torpedo Corvette
    -Assault Proton Torpedoes
Hera Syndulla (VCX-100)
A-wing Squadron
A-wing Squadron
Y-wing Squadron
Y-wing Squadron

Kevin had an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, two Raider-class Corvettes, several squadrons of TIE Defenders, a pair of TIE Interceptor squadrons, and even more squadrons of TIE Fighters.  We didn't play a scenario.

My corvettes and A-wings move to engage Kevin's TIE swarm.
A pair of CR90s have battered Kevin's Raider, but it holds fast.  So far the A-wings ae holding their own against superior numbers.
With the fighters all engaged, my corvettes have a three-to-one advantage against Kevin's light cruiser, but it would be short-lived.
The Star Destroyer quickly makes it's presence felt, driving right through the heart of my fleet, and quickly turns the tide of the battle to the Imperial side.
Once that Star Destroyer got into range it was all over.  It quickly dispatched two of my corvettes and my command ship, while the TIE's numerical superiority won the fighter battle.  Two CR90s, a Hammerhead, and a single squadron of Y-wings would escape the Imperial Fleet, while only a few squadrons of TIEs would be lost by the Empire.

Monday, May 7, 2018

6MMRPC Week One: Panther Gs and PaK40s WiP

So far this week I've had a surge of renewed Flames of War initiative in preparation for the West Coast Nationals at Kublacon later this month.  I've assembled and primed a Fallschirnjäger 7.5cm PaK40 platoon and a unit of three late model Panther G medium tanks.  Now I just need to unbury my paint booth from the bowels of my garage...

Guns and crew are Battlefront metals, Panthers are plastic PSC with metal MG barrels from Battlefront.

6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge- 2018 Edition

Since 2015 I've participated in the Six Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge, but honestly haven't been able to make much of a dent in the miniature pile the last two years.  I'm hoping that a new interest in Bolt Action and coming home to my regular gaming crowd will help with the motivation to put paint to little army men.  Rules are similar to previous years:

1. No purchasing of new miniatures, except if you use a Joker.  You get three Jokers to use on a miniature purchase.  Can be a blister pack, an eBay bundle, or a single figure.  The only exception is if you need to buy a single figure to complete a unit.  In addition, you can earn additional Jokers by completing an entire project, complete with starting, WIP, and final pictures.

2. Gifts do not count against you.  Holidays, birthdays, and gift cards given to you do not count against you.

3. Paint, terrain, and hobby supplies do not count against you.

4. At least one hobby-related blog or Instagram post a week.

5. Zombie-related stuff during October is encouraged. 

I've been playing Armada pretty regularly now that my friend Kevin has purchased a sizable Imperial fleet, and also have a new Imperial Japanese Army force to put together for Bolt Action. (Thanks Dai!)  I've also a few platoons to paint for my Kublacon Flames of War event later this month, and hopefully a few other things in the works.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Early War Tournament at Outflank Games

Last weekend NorCal hosted a small Early War event at Outflank Games in Fairfield.  At 1250 points, the armies were small, and since a number of us were still learning V4, we only played two rounds.  I brought a German Infanteriekompanie from Barbarossa.

After the game with Hal a few days ago, I decided to swap the expensive StuGs for a few more cheaper platoons, but was kind of limited by what I have painted for Early War.  In the first round I'd be playing Russ and his British Infantry Tank company in Dust Up.

Russ led his HQ tanks towards the objectives, but my Looted T-34 was enough to force them to fall back.  My heavy mortars had also hit his Rifle platoon very hard that were on the objectives on his side.
Russ' Matilda I tanks arrived from reserve and would slowly make their way forward.  His 2iC would avoid destruction.
My infantry would arrive from reserve and push towards the objective, now only defended by his HQ tanks and a single stand that remained from his Rifle platoon.
My T-34 would position itself to defend both objectives, only it and my Company Commander remaining after artillery and tank assaults destroyed my infantry and mortars.
Somehow my company survived long enough to chase Russ' Matilda II into the river, where it failed a Cross Check during an attempt to retreat after my infantry assaulted it.  I would win the game, barely.
I won 6-3, after losing my armored cars, an infantry platoon, and the mortars, but had Russ taken out the handful of infantry stands I still had, he would've broken my company.  My only hope was to win an assault and have him get stuck in the river, which miraculously happened.  The heavy mortars and one good air strike were able to take out his Rifles pretty early, but the Stukas were pretty disappointing.  The T-34 also never made a firepower check.

In round two I would be facing Brad and his Soviet Tankovy Batalon in No Retreat.

Brad's tanks would get to my objectives very early, but so would my reserves.  
My T-34 would knock out a pair of T-26s, but his KV-1 got the T-34.  Several ineffective assaults would see my infantry still holding the objective.
An early assault by T-34s would go poorly for Brad's Soviets, losing both from a platoon.  My PaK36s are just off-screen and would ambush the BT-5s, eventually knocking them out.  His T-34 battalion commander would lose and assault, and his company would break.
I would win this one 8-1, but only because of some really bad dice rolls by Brad's conscript tanks.  They would charge in to assault, miss all of their attacks, and then lose one or two to poor armor saves before falling back.  

Thanks to Russ for running this small event, hopefully most of us learned something about V4!