Saturday, May 23, 2015

6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge- I'm In!

Last year my friend Dai participated in the first 6MMRPC and was able to make a pretty signifiicant dent in his lead mountain and I couldn't wait to jump into the next challenge.  This year they decided to start a bit earlier, so to avoid the holidays.  Here are the rules:

1. No purchasing of new miniatures, except if you use a Joker.  You get three Jokers to use on a miniature purchase.  Can be a blister pack, an eBay bundle, or a single figure.  The only exception is if you need to buy a single figure to complete a unit.  In addition, you can earn additional Jokers by completing an entire project, complete with starting, WIP, and final pictures.

2. Gifts do not count against you.  Holidays, birthdays, and gift cards given to you do not count against you.

3. Paint, terrain, and hobby supplies do not count against you.

4. At least one hobby-related blog or Instagram post a week.

5. Zombie-related stuff during October is encouraged.

I've got a few projects to work on, for Flames of War I have a Great War British commission force for my friend Sam to finish, I'd like to get a few more Early War options completed for my Fallschirmjäger, and I'd like to at least start on some 1945 Volksgrenadiers.  I also want to complete a few projects for the Iron Cross competition at Historicon.
I need to build a 7.5cm artillery battery, a 3.7cm PaK36 platoon, Ketternkrad transport, and a few more command stands.
I have about six platoons of guns and infantry to build, plus three tanks for Sam's Great War British.
I also want to keep working on my Dungeons and Dragons minis for my seldom-run campaign, paint up the Kensei stuff I bought for feudal Japan, and paint some modified Star Wars minis for home-brewed X-Wing.
Just a sample of the Reaper minis for D & D.  My wife's mage, Paola's barbarian, and a shifty thief.
Some models I kit-bashed for X-Wing.  A modified YT-1300, an Imperial Patrol Ship, a Shuttle, and a Scout Ship.
Some of the feudal Japanese Kensei minis I bought a few weeks ago.  Samurai are awesome!
Really looking forward to this!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

NorCal Tokens

The NorCal Flames of War circuit has a tradition of some kind of annual items for attending their events.  So far we've had:
2011- Battlefront-produced Objective markers
2012- NorCal dice from Chessex
2013- Patches for the Battlefront/Battlefoam bag, with badges for each event attended
2015- Battlefront-produced Tokens

The group posted a poll and, while personalized beer steins were considered, status tokens won out.  Nick contacted BF and they agreed to produce custom NorCal tokens for us.  For $9 we got: four each of the Gone to Ground, Bogged Down, Bailed Out, Pinned Down, Dug In, and Non-Assaulting Team tokens, and two each of the Ranged In, Reorganizing, and At the Double tokens.  I was very glad to see the new types included and grabbed two sets!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gameday in Albuquerque

The Camino Real Historical Gaming group put on an event yesterday in Albuquerque which featured 8 tables and 20+ games over three sessions.  There was a Flames of War Hit the Beach scenario, two different Bolt Action games, Star Wars: X-Wing and Armada, English Civil War, a Samurai game, plus more.  I was able to play in the Flames of War event and check out the SW: Armada minis before heading back south after a short detour down Route 66.  Thanks to Mike, Jon, and Keith for playing.
The table.  1st Infantry Division assaults the 352. Infanteriedivision on June 6, 1944.
The boats make their approach through the surf.
The German positions.  Off-shore preliminary bombardment has reduced this platoon to a single stand and a supporting observer.  An 8.8cm pillbox, two HMG pillboxes, two 8cm mortar nests, plus mines and wire will need to hold the line.
The second position doesn't lose any stands from the bombardment.  A full platoon of three stands, plus an attatched Panzerschreck, observer and Company Commander are supported by a 7.5cm pillbox, two HMG pillboxes, two 8cm mortar nests, mines and wire.
A 10.5cm artillery battery loses a gun to the naval bombardment.
The Americans hit the beach!.  The surf is rough, keeping one of the platoons from landing.  The others make for the sea wall as quickly as they can.
By turn two they are taking cover from the wall, but two platoons lose their commanders to accurate fire from the German defenses and are slowed down.
Turn three sees the Americans reach the first minefield, but several teams are lost trying to cross it and the platoon breaks.
German fusiliers arrive on turn four and begin to make the long march to the beach.  Amother gun goes down to the naval barrage.
By turn six the Luftwaffe begins to reinforce the German positions, bringing a pair of 8.8cm FlaK guns from the rear.
The presence of the 8.8cm guns chase the naval AOP away from the artillery battery.  Another Fusilier platoon arrives on the far side.
By turn eight the American assault units have finally breached the mine field and reached the wire behind it, but withering fir efrom the HMGs and mortars keep them pinned down.  Even after the defending infantry teams have all been destroyed by artillery and supporting fire from a single surviving Sherman DD tank, the pillboxes are holding.
By turn eleven the German StuGs have arrived from reserve and approach the beach.
The 8.8cm FlaK platoon arrives to defend the command post at these two buildings.  The game ends with the Germans holding the beach and the Americans nursing their wounds.
This was really fun, I had never played any FOW scenarios.  Both sides had around 2000 points, which was probably too many.  The German bunkers were able to hold off the entire American force without assistance.  Their supporting infantry were either destroyed during the pre-game bombardment or stayed pinned down without firing most of the game.  The German artillery fired one bombardment in eleven turns, hitting nothing.  The US naval support focused on them, killing half and keeping them pinned.  Only once did the American make it into position to assault one of the bunkers, but defensive fire kept them from succeding.  The surf was brutal, nearly half of the American boats were delayed and of the five Sherman DDs that attempted landing, three were swamped before making the shore.  Thanks to Keith for putting this together, and thanks to the Camino Real group for organizing the day.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cragmaw Bugbear and Goblins

Painted these up for a D & D campaign I'm running for some friends.  All minis are from Reaper's Bones line, soft rubbery resin.  Cheap, about $2-$3 a mini, but the mold lines are a bit annoying to clean up.  The resin is so bendy a file doesn't really do much.  Easy to do conversions though!  Crossed 10 minis and some terrain items off of the Lead Mountain list.
Klarg, leader of a band of Cragmaw raiders, and his pet wolf, Ripper.  Had to mount ol' Klarg here to a large base.
I decided to color-code minis to designate which classification they fall into.  Brown for Beasts.
Yeemik and her Goblin minions.  These are from Reaper's Pathfinder line, I just loved the look of these guys.  I swapped some weapons around and did some simple modifications to individualize the Goblins.
Elakin Endrunikaar, the group's Wood Elf Ranger.  After seeing the goatee I had to make a Green Arrow knockoff.
Paola's Wood Elf Rogue, she's still trying to come up with a name.
Some bits and junk for the grid map we use for dungeons.  They're plaster casts I got from someone on eBay for cheap.