Tuesday, July 28, 2020

West German TPz Fuchs Armored Personnel Carrier

Resin and metal builds with lots of little hand tools to paint, the top-mounted missile launchers are magnetized.

Crisp details all around, these were nice to paint.

Two units for the Pioniers to drive around in!

West German Marder Roland FlaRakPz 1

A pair of resin/metal AA Marders, simple to paint but the turret is a bit top-heavy.

Had to take some liberties with the decals so they would sit better.

More West German Marder 1 A2 IFVs

One more unit of Marder IFVs.

So many Marders.  Could be worse, could be Soviets!

West German Leopard 2A4 Company

These are all-plastic models and were fairly simple to paint.  I painted up two HQ tanks and two units of four tanks.

HQ tanks, not much for stowage on these.
All ten, ready to rumble.