Monday, January 15, 2018

DAK 2.8cm PzB 41

I painted a second 2.8cm anti-tank rifle for my DAK force last week, since I needed another one for my Shifting Sands army.  Nothing too special here, but it's my first work of the new year!

Quick and easy, all figs by Battlefront.

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Review

This past year has seen the smallest amount of time devoted to painting and playing in a decade, and there were so many factors that got me to that point.  A change of location, larger family commitments, kids sports, returning to school, and work all contributed, for sure.  I barely found time for a game, and perhaps that prevented me from wanting to paint much, too. I managed to play 10 games of Flames of War and a single game of X-Wing.   Now that I'm back in California, maybe I'll find some more games and feel like theres a purpose to painting all of these little tanks.

Again, I didn't paint much for myself, but I did knock out a pretty large commission for my friend Sam.

Great War British HQ
Great War British Rifle Platoon
Great War British Rifle Platoon
Great War British Vickers MG Platoon
Great War British Vickers MG Platoon
Great War British 3" Stokes Mortar Battery
Great War British OQF 18 Pounder Battery
British Artillery HQ
Great War British Mark A Whippet
Great War British Mark IV
Fallschirmjäger Sniper
Fallschirmjäger Anti-tank Rifle team
DAK 2.8cm Anti-tank Rifle
HMG Bunker
I actually got quite a few miniatures painted with Sam's commission army included, more that double what I managed last year.  I also painted more than I purchased, so that's a win.  10 Flames of War models purchased, 1 Imperial Assault figure, and 22 Flames of War painted, a 2:1 ratio!

6MMRPC Final Report- 2017

At least it's something!

All Flames of War, Fallschirmjäger, Deutsches Afrika Korps, and a generic bunker.
I was glad to see the challenge return for 2017, but a move from New Mexico to California would see about a three month break for me without any hobby time at all.  I was able to get handful of items done before the move, and have worked on some assembly since.  I also stayed within the financial confines of the challenge, having purchased a total of three items (Panzer IIIs and StuGs for Flames of War, and a Grand Inquisitor for Star Wars Imperial Assault) 

Stated goals:

    Yes: Finish a few partially built items for my Fallschirmjäger
    Yes: Get started on V4 Mid War
    No: Get to some Star Wars Armada ships

This is everything I accomplished:
    -Assembled and painted a Sniper and an Anti-tank Rifle team for my Fallschirmjäger (FoW)
    -Assembled and painted a 2.8cm Anti-tank Rifle for my DAK (FoW)
    -Continued work on several units for a Führer Begleit Brigade army (FoW)
    -Painted a HMG bunker and mostly finished several other bunkers (FoW)
    -Assembled some Tiger Is for a DAK army (FoW)
    -Assembled a platoon of StuH 42s for the FBB army (FoW)

Here's to another year of painting little army men!

6MMRPC Week Twenty-Six: Tigers and StuHs WiP

December is always jammed full of family holiday activities but I managed to get in a little hobby time.  I plan on going to Shifting Sands this year and need to paint up a pair of Tiger Is and another anti-tank rifle, and I also built three StuH 42s for a Late War army I've had on my plotter since 2016.  I started a pair of Möbelwagens as well.

All models from Battlefront, the StuHs are from the new plastics.
These will be Late '44-'45 StuHs so have the remote MG which I'll add later.  I scratch built some stowage rails, as these had become standard by then.
Thus ends the latest 6MMRPC, the move really killed my progress, but I feel like I got something going and stuck to my limit of purchases.