Friday, June 21, 2013

Tank on Tank Action- Mid War 1675

Riha and I played a quick game of German Tunisian armor vs. Guards Tankovy armor the other night and of course we roll Breakthrough!  1675 points to prepare for the Mid War NorCal tournament this month.  He had a bunch of M3 Stuarts (11), T-34s (9), SU-85s (4), and some armored cars.  I had Rettemeyer in a Pz IVG, 2iC Pz IVE, a platoon of Pz IVs (3 Gs and 2 Es), a platoon of Pz IIINs (4), recon Pz IIs (3) and some armored aufklarungs (5 guys and 3 halftracks).  Riha rolled to defend.
The board as Riha begins to deploy.  bombed out town on the lower right, large hill controlling the center.  Lumber mill by the bridge.  Apparently I haven't had to attack in Breakthrough in awhile because I totally botched objective placement and deployment...   One was placed in the lumber mill and the other near the hill where Riha is putting all his T-34s.I basically forced myself to cross the river to get one. D'oh!
My deployment.  Panzer IIIs working the flank, Panzer IVs coming right up the center.  Recon Panzer IIs rolling up the main drag.  Aufklarungs are my flank attack.  I really should have deployed the Panzer IVs anywhere else...
Riha's deployment.  Mobile Reserves allowed him two platoons, but that's half of his army!  T-34s in standard Soviet formation on the hill, SU-85s in the trees.  Battallion Command M3 available to either.
My Turn One:  Panzer IIIs roll towards the trees to engage the Su-85s.
Panzer IVs are stuck on the Slow Going hill and cannot get into range of the T-34s, who are cleverly just out of range.  I'm beginning to have immediate regrets about deployment.  
Panzer IIs are screening the ruined town, though mostly because they cannot engage the rest of Riha's army.  
Riha Turn One:  Riha pulls his T-34s back, forcing my Panzers to come to him.  SU-85s Go To Ground.
My Turn Two:  Panzer IIIs (well, most of them) come through the woods and fire on the SU-85s, killing one.  One of the Panzers Bogs Down.
Panzer IVs, still hung up on the hill, fire one shot and miss.  
Panzer IIs approach the bridge.
Riha Turn Two: SU-85s fire on the Panzer IVs, killing two. (one E, one G)
My Turn Three:  Panzer IVs return fire on the SU-85s, but to no effect.
Aufklarungs arrive from Reserve and meet the Panzer IIs.
The Bogged Panzer III gets back in, but immediately Bogs Down again...  The rest of the platoon fires on the SU-85s, killing two more and Bailing another.  
The situation as Riha's turn begins.
Riha's Turn Three:  The lone SU-85 remounts and kills another Panzer IV.  The other two run away...
The M3 platoon arrives from the town side and shoot at the 2iC, who is covering the Panzer II platoon.  He saves.
My Turn Four:  Panzer IIs hide in the trees while the infantry moves onto the Objective.  Halftracks are scared off.
Whoa, bad picture!  Panzer IIIs kill off the SU-85s and the Battallion Commander.
Riha's Turn Four:  The armored cars arrive!
M3s swarm the 2iC and kill him off.  One was destroyed by him the turn before.
My Turn Five:  Panzer IIIs move to engage the T-34s who are now contesting the Objective.  Rettemeyer Bogs Down.  
My Turn Six:  Riha moved his M3s aggressively at my Panzer IIIs but they hold their ground and fire back full on.  Rettemeyer joins in.  Four dead, one Bailed Out.
Riha's Turn Six:  T-34s hold position in the woods.  Panzer IIIs are definately in for a fight.
Surviving M3s and armored cars move to shoot at the Panzer IIs and infantry.  Dead Panzer II!
Panzer IIIs begin to take casualties.
My Turn Seven:  Panzer IIIs decide to try to break the M3s, who are at half strength.  They kill one and the rest run!
Riha's Turn Seven:  Riha is now at 2/4 platoons with no Battallion Commander, the armored cars Double Time away.
Several turns later the T-34s are able to kill the Panzer IIIs and then turn their attention to what's left of my army.  I still have only killed one of them.  Rettemeyer, with his re-rolls, can hit them, but they save!  The T-34s quickly take out the infantry and I concede.  3-4 Riha wins!

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