Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shifting to Mid War

Reno and I got a game in over the weekend and decided to prep for a Mid War event in November.  The NorCal circuit has run their last Late War event for the year so we put away our big nasties and dusted off some lighter stuff.  We rolled up a Fighting Withdrawl with Reno attacking using a Hungarian armored company.  He had Pz 38s in the HQ, five more in a platoon, some armored cars, a platoon of Pz IV f2s and a platoon of Pioniers.  I wanted to run some Luftwaffe Jägers, but they're not ready yet.  I still hope to get them done by the tournament though!  I quickly threw together a list using some Fallschimjäger.  I had two platoons of FJs, Von Der Hyde, some Pak38s, Marder IIs, Nebs and 8rads.
The table and our deployment.
Left Objective defended by FJ platoon and some Nebs.
Center and Right Objectives defended by Fjs, Paks, and 8rads.  Marders in Ambush.
Reno's deployment.  Pz 38s and recon on the far side, Pz IVs and Pios on the near side.
Reno's Turn One:  Panzer IVs and Pioniers advance.
So do the Panzer 38s while the Recon moves to 16".  On my turn I shoot some Nebs but miss.
Reno's Turn Two:  He lifts Gone to Ground with the recon and takes some moving shots with the armor, killing one stand and pinning them.  He goes in for the assault!
It's bloody for all involved.  He eventually loses the platoon plus both his HQ tanks.  (Morale fail)  I'm down to three stands but manage to keep in the fight, thanks to my 1iC.
My Turn Two:  Reno's all-out offensive has definately done some damage to my left flank.  I pull half of my center FJ platoon over to support the fight.  His armored cars are looking aggressive still...
While mine cower behind a farmhouse.
Reno's Turn Three:  With the bulk of his army gone, he must drive towards the right side objective.  Pioniers and Panzer IVs keep the field between them and the gun line.
As I suspected, his armored cars strike at the now severely weakened platoon.  I manage to kill two of them after a few rounds of combat, but the third falls back.  My platoon is killed to a man, but the 1iC keeps me in the game.
My Turn Three:  PaK38s Double Bail a Pz IV, causing it to run away.  The 8 rads move out to thin down some pioniers, killing one.  Nebs also miss.
FJ group continues to reinforce the Left Objective.
Reno's Turn Four: The lone armored car backs off and snipes a newly arrived FJ.
Pz IVs and Pioniers press forward.
My Turn Four:  8 rads withdraw.  Marders Ambush, but miss.  Paks miss.
The Nebs miss....
Reno's Turn Five: Armored car repositions, Panzer IVs fire on the PaKs, pinning them.
Pioniers Assault!  
They kill two guns, but the 2iC drives them back, keeping the Objective.
My Turn Five: Nebs withdraw.  Two Marders shift towards the Objective, one stays stationary and kills a Panzer IV.  
Reno's Turn Six:  Running low on time, Reno makes a hard attempt at the center Objective.  His Panzer Assaults, but is destroyed after killing only one stand.  
His armored car does too, but is ultimately overwhelmed.
Knowing he will auto-fail a Company Morale check on his next turn, he throws his Pioniers at the Paks, killing the platoon, but scoring another point.  
4-3 for me, but it was much closer than that early in the game.  Reno almost pulled off a quick victory, but his Panzer 38s rolled a lot of ones vs. regular troops in assault.  I only had one panzerknacker but it did some damage.  Impressions?  Hungarians are cool.  Reno isn't used to running Veteran troops and he loved thier reliability.  Von Der Hyde is OK, but really didn't do anything.  Might trade the Nebs for mortars.

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