Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Historicon Painting Competition - 2014

There were some excellent entries this year and they just posted the winners up on the WI website.  Some of the pictures don't do the entries justice.  The Mounted Tournament Knight by Jessica Rich was beautiful, with a white embroidered overlay on top of the light blue caparison.  Simply amazing the amount of detail on that mini.  James Brown's 28mm 8th Army troops were some of the most life-like figures I've ever seen and deservedly won Best of Theme.  His Ratling Snipers have digital camo and won Best of Show.  My Marder IIs won first in the FoW Platoon category and also won the Iron Cross award for Best Flames of War entry, a huge surprise to me.  There was an awesome Monuments Men Objective piece that I loved and several excellent armor entries and the Horton 347 alt-history jet from Ed Kee was super cool.

Link to WI website:

Here are some of my favorites, pictures from Wargames Illustrated.
Mounted Tournament Knight from Jessica Rich
8th Army Section from James Brown- Best of Theme
Ratling Snipers from James Brown - Best of Show
Horton 347 from Ed Kee
My Fallschirmjäger Marder IIs - Best Flames of War (Iron Cross)
Jagdtiger from Steve Kee
Panther Gs from Michael Jaques
Monuments Men objective from Ed Kee


  1. Great painting. Great work on those Marders. You should be really proud of yourself.

  2. Congrats on the Marders winning Iron Corss!

  3. Thanks guys. I certainly didn't think the Marders had enough to compete for the Iron Cross this year but the judge, one of the Battlefront sculptors, really liked them.

  4. Damn fine painting, you must be very proud!