Monday, October 19, 2015

6MMRPC Week Twenty: Progress in the Cabinet

This week I was able to dedicate a couple of afternoons in my garage airbrush cabinet.  My lovely wife just returned from a trip to California and brought me back several colors of Tamiya acrylics, allowing me to finally get a nice match for both the Great War armor and the Ki-45.  I was also able to get an initial filter layer on the Great War artillery and armor.

My home-built spray booth.
The Mark IV and Whippet tanks were first primed in Tamiya Grey primer and then I airbrushed the recognition stripes.  Once those were masked I mixed up a dark tan color from Deck Tan and Field Brown.  Not much is certain when it comes to the color of these in 1918, but the one surviving Mark IV in original colors is a pretty good match.  The guns and mortars were airbrushed NATO Green.  

Slowly coming along...
The Ki-45 received a spotted came color of Japanese Army Green, and then I went back and sprayed the underside color between some of the spots.  Not perfect, but good practice.

My masks slipped and I will need to remove some paint from the canopy, but the rest came out pretty good!

I hope to get the landships finished up soon before moving on to some infantry.

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  1. Ki-45 looks sweet already!

    Good to see more work on these projects.