Thursday, April 12, 2018

Encounter at Great Escape Games

An old friend of mine, Hal, and I met up for a practice game before this weekend's Early War tournament and played a quick game of Encounter.  Hal ran a Greek Etaireia Pezikoy, or rifle company, and I ran German Infanteriekompanie.  1250 points won't get you much, and Delayed Scattered Reserves wouldn't help either of us!

I deployed one of my infantry platoons in this farm, you can see Hal's mortars and 75mm artillery in the distance.
My 3.7cm PaKs tried to move through the town, while my infantry moved to engage the Greek infantry. 
On the other side, my second infantry unit would move to engage Hal's pioneer platoon.  My 10.5cm heavy mortars would soften them up first.
I would lead with an assault, but only get one stand before falling back.
On the other side, Hal's artillery had hit my infantry hard, his infantry closing for an assault of his own.
After taking heavy casualties what was left of my unit would fall back to the farm.
A second assault on the pioneers would be more successful, but they were so spread out I couldn't get to all of them.
Hal would clear out the farm with another assault, my single stand failing it's Last Stand check on my turn.
My infantry would finally break through the pioneers, but it was a turn too late.  
Hal would claim a 8-1 victory on Turn Four, neither of us getting any reserves.  It really pays to be aggressive in V4, especially early in the game.


  1. Handsome terrain and figures, looks great!

  2. Plucky Greeks! Looks like a fun time mate. Glad Hal still gets out to play.

    1. Me too, I ran into him a few weeks ago and he hadn't been able to play much. Now that I'm back in town he dusted off his figures.

  3. Was all that terrain from the game store?