Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Review

A whole year back home now and I saw a large uptick in the amount of games I was able to play, even though the NorCal Flames of War club saw diminishing numbers and less frequent events.  I also ran several events.  Sadly, I only painted two things, though I did build quite a few that are ready for the airbrush.  2019 will see me finishing a huge Team Yankee commission for my friend Dave, and hopefully some stuff for me!

Gaming wise, I got to play in three major events in Arizona and California, plus a bunch of smaller local events and friendly games.  I finally got play some Star Wars games, both Armada and X-Wing 2.0.

2.8cm sPzB 41
British Para Objective
New crew for my StuG III A Batterie
Shifting Sands
I completely went crazy when it came to buying more than I painted, but I blame new Flames of War plastics and the purchase of a Bolt Action army.  116 new models versus 2 painted.  Hopefully I get closer to breaking even in 2019.

Additions to the Mountain

Next up is MidWar Nationals in Las Vegas this February.  I need to finish a West German Team Yankee army from a commission and a pair of Panther ds for myself before then.