Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hold the Line with Riha

Played a game of Hold the Line with Riha the other night.  Looks like these will probably be our lists for Kublacon in May.
I deployed holding the town.  Large FJ platoon in trenches and holding the intersection.  Nebs in the field behind the town and Marders in ambush.  Stugs, small FJ and weapons platoon in reserve.  Barbed wire blocking off the road.  Riha started with two Airborne platoons, mortars, recon, shermans and tank destroyers.
Airborne moving out.
Main strike force approaching the defense line.  Airborne and armor screened by recon and the TD security section.
Second Airborne platoon advancing towards the objective.
Recon got a bit close to the HMG bunker and payed the price.  A lucky rocket strike bagged a Sherman.
With the recon dead Riha knew the ambush was coming.  He could either hide his tanks or run them forward to try and limit where the ambush could hit from.  The Marders were forced to shoot from within the woods but scored two kills.  
Airborne continue the attack, now without most of their support.
Second Airborne platoon moves to assault the objective.  The Stugs have arrived but are just short of supporting the entrenched FJ.  The FJ must stand alone.
They survive the assault but leave a few surviving Airborne on the objective.  Stugs and FJ assault the next turn and destroy them, but lose a Stug in defensive fire.  The Stugs would be killed the next turn by the Hellcats.
End of the game.  FJs still hold the town.  Both Airborne platoons have been seen off and with no 1iC or 2iC Eric's company decides to call in a day.  4-3 for me, lost the Stugs and the Marders, both to the Hellcats.

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