Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun Game at Zia

Got a game in today with Ken at Zia Comics and had a fun time.  1650 Late War to practice for a tournament next month.  I ran Cassino FJs from the new Fortress Italy book and Ken ran Polish armor (Shermans).  Ken's poor Fearless troops couldn't roll above a two for morale but still killed three of my platoons before I forced him to make a Company morale check which he failed.  4-3 win for the FJs.  The new book allows me to add Panzerfausts, which are always a good thing, but also increased the price of each Combat and Weapons platoon by 10 points because of the 2+ morale.  Luckily a few other options, such as the Marder IIs dropped by a few points and it's basically a wash.  Couldn't get any pics since my boys threw my phone in a bucket of saltwater yesterday (happy birthday daddy!) but did get to use my new Crescent Root terrain base which looked amazing.


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    1. There's one up in Albuquerque on May 10th.

  2. Rich, you deserve some more traffic.

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. :)