Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tournament at Active Imagination

There was a small tournament held up in Albuquerque (about a three hour drive for me) a few weekends back and I made sure to make the trip.  This would be the first locally held event I've attended since I moved here last year.  Kieth ran the show and did a great job, even if we only had a small four person turnout.  BF supplied a few prizes and all four of us walked out with at least a blister.  Thanks for putting this together, I'm looking forward to your next event!  Totally forgot to take any pictures of the first game but here are afew from the second.  We only played two rounds.

Attacking with my FJ in Counterattack.  Mike, my opponent had Grenadiers.  His 88s could see all the way into my deloymet zone so I was forced to cross the river.  His Stukas came in almost every turn and kept me pinned down.
Since most of my army couldn't get past the 88s or wouldn't unpin, only my StuGs and one platoon of FJs were able to close on the objective.  Unfortunatey he was able to get there first with more and I couldn't push them off.

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  1. Nice photos. You got a great looking Army Looks like a great event.