Monday, May 18, 2015

NorCal Tokens

The NorCal Flames of War circuit has a tradition of some kind of annual items for attending their events.  So far we've had:
2011- Battlefront-produced Objective markers
2012- NorCal dice from Chessex
2013- Patches for the Battlefront/Battlefoam bag, with badges for each event attended
2015- Battlefront-produced Tokens

The group posted a poll and, while personalized beer steins were considered, status tokens won out.  Nick contacted BF and they agreed to produce custom NorCal tokens for us.  For $9 we got: four each of the Gone to Ground, Bogged Down, Bailed Out, Pinned Down, Dug In, and Non-Assaulting Team tokens, and two each of the Ranged In, Reorganizing, and At the Double tokens.  I was very glad to see the new types included and grabbed two sets!


  1. Very nice tokens there, now if they could do same for those older versions... ;)

  2. My tokens arrived yesterday as well - they look very spiffy indeed.