Saturday, December 5, 2015

6MMRPC Week Twenty-Six: 7.5cm LG40 Platoon

In the final week of the painting challenge I delved into the unfinished-projects area of my display case and found a few things to knock out in the limited hours I had last week.  I just started a new job in retail and between the Thanksgiving holiday and the insanity that is the American holiday shopping season my hobby time was extremely limited.  All of my Great War projects are on hold until I can purchase rare decals, and my Ki-45 is also on hold until I find it's decals...

The 7.5cm LG40 recoilless gun was almost exclusively issued to Fallschirmjäger units and provides a cheap platoon for Flames of War FJ lists.  I started these a few years ago when I built my Cassino FJs but changed my list, putting these on hold indefinitely.  Everything was done except for the guns themselves, so I used AK Interactive's Wash for Dark Yellow along the lines, cleaned off the excess, and glued them onto the already finished bases before a quick coat of Testors Matte Varnish.  Only took about three years to complete an hour's work!

I love these little guns in game, now I can finally use them!
Tiny little recoilless guns.
I also put some finishing touches on some vehicles I painted up for Shifting Sands about a year ago, I hate bases on tanks but Forged in Battle was the only manufacturer that made the Panther F or the sWS version of the Panzerwerfer 42.  Links to previous posts:

A quick paint and wash of the base, plus some tufts from CGR for these '1946' Panther Fs.
Same here to finish off these alternate style Panzerwerfers.
 I spent my second and final Joker on a few items from the Battlefront 33% off sale, purchasing a pair of Sturmtigers, some BMW motorcycles, and a Sd Kfz 253 for my Shifting Sands list for 2016.  I made it all the way to the final week having only spent one, and that was at a 'con.

BMWs were backordered, hopefully they arrive by January.
I had a blast with this challenge and I think I'm going to keep to the 'don't buy anything new' thing for awhile.  The vehicles weren't on my list of unfinished projects, but I do get to blast two guns from the Mountain!  


  1. Absolutely lovely work, mate - congrats on the completion!

    ...and I love that I cannot help but read 'LG40' as 'LEGO'...

    1. Thanks!
      With Christmas coming, I've got LEGO on the brain as well, kids are opening their advent calendars every day.

  2. Well done Rich. Those lg40's could also be used for Crete settings with those lovely bases.

    Sorry to hear you have to endure seasonal retail hell...

    1. Thanks man. When I originally started these FJs I wanted them to be able to represent forces from Crete, North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Many of the verteran troops would hold on to their older pattern jump smocks to remind the replacements they'd been there for awile.