Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015 Review

2015 was a pretty busy year for me.  The Six Month Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge was a great motivator and kept me posting something new every week, even if it was just some in-progress projects.  I branched out into some new genres, painting my first non-Flames of War models in many years.  A new Flames of War group formed up about an hour away in El Paso, and I met some really great players.  I was also able to get to a few large events, in Virginia, Arizona, and here in New Mexico.  I managed to play in 24 games of Flames of War, spread around tournaments, pick-up-games, and several multi-player games.  I was honored to have this blog featured on the Flames of War webpage twice and also won my third Iron Cross award for Best Flames of War entry at the Historicon Painting Competition!

This is what I was able to paint for Flames of War, most of it for the events at Shifting Sands and Historicon.  Without some kind of event deadline I find it very difficult to finish much.

Hermann Göring Panzerschrecks
Panzerwerfer 42 auf sWS Battery
Kfz 15
Panther F Schmalturm Platoon
Sd Kfz 221 Platoon
Beute T-34 obr 1941
10.5cm NbW35 Battery
3.7cm PaK36 Platoon
8.8cm FlaK Crew Objective
Saving Private Ryan Bridge Diorama
7.5cm LG40 Platoon

We started a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign last year with a few friends of my wife's so I wanted to paint some minis for it.  Always a better game when you can see the players and monsters on table.  I hadn't painted anything in 28mm since about 2003, big difference from 15mm.

Bugbear and Wolf
Animated Swords
Animated Axes

I also modified and painted some ships for X-Wing, I found it a nice change from what I normally do.

Rebel Shuttle
Scout Ship
I also painted some small terrain pieces for D&D and X-Wing.

Some images from the events I attended.

Shifting Sands
I-95 Doubles at Historicon 
Early War Nationals at Historicon

Total Progress at the end of the year, not too bad.  My Purchase to Paint ratio wasn't too bad either, a +21 for all games.  If I hadn't bought that large lot of Kensei minis, I'd be at a -10!

2015 was a blast and I'm already looking forward to gaming in 2016.  Another 6MMRPC is in the cards and Shifting Sands is this weekend.  I'm also planning on heading back to California for the West Coast Nationals at Kublacon this year.  Happy Hobbying everyone!


  1. Flippin great effort mate. Loads of great stuff and a fine result in the buy/paint scales.

    Looking forward to seeing what you manage to get done this year.

    1. Thanks Dai. I didn't think I had finished that much before I sat down and started typing. Hopefully 2016 will see the completion of a new army for Kublacon.