Monday, July 17, 2017

6MMRPC Week Two: Fallschirmjäger Anti-tank Rifle Team

Another week, one more stand to show for it.  I'm trying to finish a few partially started projects before I dive into something more labor intensive, especially with only a few weeks until we pack everything up and move.  I originally started this for a Mid War list, but now with V4 there isn't even a Fallschirmjäger list available for that period.  Hopefully Battlefront will get something together for them within the next few releases, but I can still use it for the Early War list from Burning Empires (I think).

I tried to match the rubble look of my other FJ stands, figures from Battlefront.
Added some striping to the interior wall for some visual interest, wallpaper or something.
Hope I get to use this someday!


  1. Up to your fine standards mate. The stripey wall is a really nice touch.