Monday, February 25, 2013

Late night game with Reno

Had another great game with Reno a little while ago to practice for the NorCal circuit February event.  Reno had a late start and didn't get to my house until around 10 pm, so we decided to play a lower points level at 1280.  I ran Grenadiers from Grey Wolf and he had Soviet Light Self propelled artillery.
Mission we rolled up was Counter Assault with his Mech list attacking.
Table setup for the evening.
I chose to defend the corner with the town, the open objective was just off camera to the north.  Grenadiers with attatched shreck team and the 2iC (Windgruber) ready to move to it and dig in before the Reds get there.  Other Grenadiers, Neb battery and a small mortar platoon hold the town.  Marder platoon in ambush, Stugs in reserve. 
Reno's deployment.  IS-2s with tankos up front supported by two platoons of SU-122s.  SU-76s and Scouts behind.
 Here they come, right at me!
On Reno's turn he took some shots on the mobile Grenadiers (off camera) and killed four of them!  That's the punishment for a failed Stormtrooper move...  He pushed his other forward platoons across the ford in the stream and came right at my force in the town.  His other platoons (off camera) made for the open objective.  I counterd by scurrying my now half-strength Grenadiers into some trees and ambushing with the Marders from behind the walls, trying to slow down the IS-2s, who bounced 7 hits!  Most of them miraculously survived the return fire (poor Reno's dice mocked him) before they hid behind the building to the south.  Soviets still totally untouched. 
And here is where Reno's luck ran out.  He tried to push over the walls to assault the Nebs, and bogged two IS-2s.  The Grenadiers and 1iC were dragged in as well and counter attacked, knocking them out before they failed the motivation to continue.  Crisis averted! (just barely)  The rest of the game consisted of Marders hiding and sniping at his remaning tanks until theMarders were destroyed, and the Stugs (off camera) dueling with about eight SU-76s and some Scouts.  Game ended as a 4-3 for me.  Lost the Nebs and the Marders, about half strength with both Grenadier platoons too.  Very close game, Reno almost had me!  If he would have just stood and fired all those breakthrough guns at me, he could probably have broken my company.  This ended up being pretty good practice for the NorCal event too!


  1. Hey there! Nice reports:) I'm a noob starting a grenadier army myself, can you give more detailed information about your list, please?

    1. Thanks! I had the Warrior 2iC Windgruber, who helps in assault, two Grenadier platoons with one attached Panzerschrek team, a battery of Nebelwerfers, a mortar platoon, Marder IIIs, and a platoon of Stugs. This was a pretty low point game in preperation for an escalation tournament. HQ I tried Windgruber for the first time, he's pretty good and a good buy points wise, since he comes with a panzerfaust. Panzershreck to attach to one of the Grenadier platoons, brings it up to 8 stands. The Grenadiers are bought at full strength, short platoons of these guys just don't last very long. Command Panzerfausts are basically mandatory for Germans in Late War. The Marders are a great, cheap platoon of mobile Pak 40s that are perfectly suited for putting in Ambush. The Stugs are a very solid armor choice, especially in lower point games. The FA 7 can bounce most medium strength guns and their Shurzen lets them assault if absolutely neccessary. Nebelwerfers are one of the best platoons Germans can buy, no matter what. Cheap points, good enough firepower to dig out a few enemies, and smoke, which is essential. The mortar platoon is a cheap platoon to get me up to 6, so I can deploy 3 in Reserve situations. The smoke is an added bonus. These units are basically the core for any German infantry list and I think every German infantry player needs to have these tools in their toolbox. Added bonus: everything but the Panzerschrek and the Fausts translate to Mid War!