Sunday, February 10, 2013

Looted T-34/76

Built up a T-34/76 for my Grenadiers too, perfect ninth platoon, right?  Painted it up to represent a      T-34/76 of 1. Ski-jäger-Division.  This division had a whole company of modified T-34s.
Almost tried the white-wash, but it wouldn't match my other vehicles.
Added some tool boxes to both rear side boards and the front left side, also a jack and some spare track.
Right side showing tool box, more spare track and a bucket full of fresh snow.
Painted this up to match a modified T-34/76 from 1. Ski-jäger-Division.  Divisional symbol visible on fender.
Used the large sized Balkenkreuz all around and company symbols on the turret.

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