Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Marder III Ms

Finally finished some Marder III Ms for a Late War Grenadier list.  Decided to match the winter theme that most of my Late War germans follow, mostly because I'm too lazy to paint new infantry, hehe.
I decided to make rain tarps for these to distinguish them from regular Marders.  Figured open vehicles in the snow would at least keep the tarps at the ready.
Used some different vehicle crew to mix it up.
Unfortunately the light at this angle shows some silvering of the decal...  didn't see it until post-varnish.
Vehicle two.  More silvering.  Grr..
Better looking from this side.
Vehicle three.  Built the tarp to cover the whole crew compartment, came out pretty good for tissue paper. 
Group shot with all four Marders.
Group shot two!
And one more.

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