Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Goodbye NorCal!

Just a shout out to my friends and sometimes opponents in the circuit.  The November tournament  was my last event before the big move to New Mexico in a few weeks.  I hope to find a new group of guys to play Flames of War with, but I know that the NorCal group is special and cannot be replaced. I hope to see some of you at the Shifting Sands event down in Arizona this January.  Other than that, maybe KublaCon?


  1. Good luck Rich. Were it not for the fun car ride to and from San Rafael for the February tournament with you, Reno and Riha (And an enjoyable tourney to thereafter), I would probably not have returned to any following tournament dates this year.
    Stay safe in the desert sir, I hope your new group is as wowed by your wonderful modeling and painting skills as I have been.

    1. Thanks man. The ride and podcast were a lot of fun. Too bad you didn't get to a few more events this year, always good to see you. Your Brits are looking good too!