Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shifting Sands 2014 Project

With the move to the southwest imminent I started looking for a new group to game with and some tournaments to attend.  Apparently, Las Cruces, New Mexico is a bit of a Flames of War black hole and the closest tournaments I could find were in Arizona or Texas. (Though I just found a small comic shop that is beginning to carry a few FOW minis) After reading about the excellent Shifting Sands event held last year in Mesa, AZ I began planning for a trip there in January for their 2014 tournament.  This will be my first chance at a themed event and it sounds like a lot of fun!  Since it is a Kursk, 1943 theme I need to build a new army.  Snow infantry and Fallschirmjäger not allowed!  Here's a link to their website:

The guys who are running this drew up several custom lists and I've decided to run a Stugbatterie:
    HQ- (1) StuG D
    Assault Gun- (3) StuG III F/8
    Assault Gun- (3) StuH 42
    Grenadier Scouts- (5) Rifle teams
    Tank Hunter- (3) Marder III H

The Front Armor of 7 will be tough in this event as the T-34 only has a AT 9 gun and the best the Soviets can get in this restricted tournament is a 13 from the heavy assault guns.  The cheaper Marders will give me some extra shots against large amounts of Soviet armor and the StuHs will hopefully do some major damage vs. infantry.  The only Recon this list gets are the foot Scouts, so they're the best I can get.  

Next post I'll gether up my models and get working!  Due date: January 18th!

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