Thursday, November 27, 2014

NorCal D-Day Firestorm Event- pt. 1

I flew back to California last weekend to host a Flames of War event for my old crew at Gamescape North in San Rafael.  It was a strict Red v Blue event that drew 22 players from all over the area.  We played three rounds at 1500 points with lists only from the D-Day period but each table was themed around a specific battle and both sides received unique bonus troops tied historically to that battlefield.  Balance was a major consideration as was historical accuracy.  Prizes were awarded for Best US, Best British, and Best German Generals, as well as Sportsmanship and Presentation.  All of the Firestorm units were also raffled off at the end of the event!  We played Hold the Line, Counterattack and Free For All.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!
Pegasus Bridge- John's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers counterattacking Dai's 4th Armoured Canadians.
Utah Beach- Mike's 7th Armoured Cromwells attacking John's 17. SS Panzergrenadiers.
Omaha Beach- Russ' 6th Guards Churchills assaulting Richard's 711. Infanterie Grenadiers.
Juno Beach- Bill's 2nd Armored Stuarts assaulting Brad's 21. Panzerdivision Beutestugs.
Carentan- Dave's Task Force A attacking Luke's 9. Panzerdivision Panzerspäh.
Escaping the Noose- Damon's 2nd Armored Shermans attacking Dave's 352. Infanterie Grenadiers. 
Cherbourg- Kevin's 2nd Armored Division Armored Rifles attacking Josh's 1. SS Panzergrenadiers.
Haute Vents- Sarah's 7th Armoured Cromwells attacking Nick's 9. Panzerdivision Panzers.
Operation Stack- Martin's 50th Infantry Division attacking Wyn's 9. Panzerdivision Panzergrenadiers.
Cagny- Marco's 1st Infantry Rifles attacking Pablo's 9. Panzerdivision Panzergrenadiers.
Mortain- Sam's 100. Panzer Abt. Beutepanzers counterattacking Reno's 1st Infantry Rifles.

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