Thursday, November 27, 2014

NorCal D-Day Firestorm Event- pt. 2

Some pics of tables and games:
Naval artillery spotter supporting USS Frankford covering Omaha Beach.
1st Infantry Division moving into Cagny.
2nd Armored Division assaulting the 352. Infanteriedivision's defensive line.
2nd Armored Division deep behind the defenses of Juno Beach and 21. Panzerdivision.
Panzer Lehr attempting to reclaim Pegasus bridge from 4th Armoured Division (Canada).
9. Panzerdivision holds Colombelles versus 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division.
7th Armoured Division assaults Omaha Beach while 9. Panzerdivision defends.
Damon's 2nd Armored Division defending Mortain from Pablo's 9. Panzerdivision.
P-51's from 339th Fighter Group line up for an attack on Panzergrenadiers from 9. Panzerdivision.
Beutepanzers of 100. Panzer Abt. reach the landing beaches, rampaging among the rear artillery of 2nd Armored.
Beutestugs of 21. Panzerdivision supported by Königstigers attack Mortain against 7th Armoured Division. 
Crocodiles of 6th Guards Tank Brigade move through the suburbs of Cherbourg.

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