Friday, November 28, 2014

NorCal D-Day Firestom Event- pt. 3

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.  Anyone who donated Firestorm troops, brought terrain, helped set up tables and helped promote this.  A big thanks to Nick for helping me run my first Flames of War event.  We gave away over $600 of minis!  This was also a free event!  Some of the Firestorm Units we gave away:
The Prizes.  The tanks are magnetized and removable for play.
Dave Ripperda, Best German General, received Michael Wittmann's Tiger IE.
Russ Moore, Best British General, received Joe Ekins' Firefly Vc.
Damon Di Denti, Best US General, received Oddball's Sherman from Kelly's Heroes.
Pablo Meron, Best Sportsmanship, received this Kubelwagon Objective.
Sarah Welsh, Dunkirk 'winner', received this Cromwell Objective.
Josh Kegerreis, Best Presentation, received a $25 Gift Certificate from Secret Weapon and will also receive a vignette from Saving Private Ryan that I'm still working on.  Josh's 1. SS Panzergrenadiers were awesome.


  1. Great pics Richard. Great armies, terrain, everything really: it looks like it was a fantastic event all round!


  2. Thanks! I really was great, nearly everyone contributed with either terrain or donated minis, was a group effort for sure. I hope to maybe make this an annual event.