Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shifting Sands Armies on Display- 2018

Some of the armies on display from this year's Shifting Sands tournament in Mesa, AZ.  Hope you enjoy them!  If I didn't get yours, you were still playing!

Tom's Italian Bersaglieri (Two Formations)
So many Italians!
My German DAK Schützen (One Formation) Compare how small my force was compared to the Italians!
Mark's British Motor and Armoured (Two Formations)
Great looking tanks and Kittyhawks!
Wyn's US Armored Rifle and Armored (Two Formations)
Wyn would win the event with this force.  It's very strong at 100 points.
Jon Halter's US Armored (One Formation)
Jon would win Best Painted with these.  Well deserved!
Jake Halter's German DAK Panzer (One Formation)
Jake's Panzers were really well done!
Another nice German DAK Schützen.  Not sure whose it was.
Not sure whose these are, but this British Armoured is nice!  Not sure if it's one or two Formations.


  1. Really nice armies, as expected from Shifting Sands. Seems some good hobbyists as well as good gamers attend.

  2. 2 Tigers certainly cuts down on the models you have to deploy! How did they do?

    1. It sure did, though V4 is such a different monster when it comes to just how much stuff gets deployed it was to my disadvantage in very game. They never died, and only had one time where they were bailed. The one game that they faced two formations of armor they were brilliant, but huge amounts of Infantry rendered them mostly ineffective.