Monday, May 6, 2013

1. Fallschirmjäger Division- HQ Platoon

It's finally happened!  I finished a platoon for my Fallschirmjäger army that I've had in some stage of partial completion since v1.  I originally planned for a Cassino themed FJ list way back in the early days of Festung Europa, had them half painted before getting married and living in Korea for two years, and them moved two more times in two years.  When the Cassino book was released the FJs were given a new lease on life and once things slowed down a bit on the home front I dove back in.  Initially I was just going to touch up the dings and scratches and finish a few more stands of dudes, but upon inspection the splinter camo I did seven years ago was somewhat... less than awesome.  Long hours of repainting an entire army worth of guys in camo smocks were ahead of me and the Nationals tournament at KublaCon was an ideal deadline for completion.  Here is the first completed platoon, Company Commander and Second in Command with a detatchment of 8cm GW43 stummelwerfers.
CiC and 2iC
8cm GW43 stummel morters
Group shot!

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  1. Very good looking FJs. Excellent basing and an interesting journey to get them this far.