Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moday night at Riha's

Monday night we got together for a little more practice as niether of us has played much since March.  We rolled up a Hold the Line and used our planned KublaCon armies, Cassino FJ and 101st Airborne.
I chose to defend the half of the board with the town.  That forced Riha's army to cross the river as his deployment zone was limited to the far side of the bridge.  Barbed wire covered the bridge crossing, the ford and a road junction, trenches gave me a forward and rear position to guard the objectives flank side.  Bunkers cover defensive positions.
Riha's deployment.  Airborne platoon with attatched LMGs on both flanks, Sherman 76s with Duckbills on the far side of the bridge, Tank Destroyer Security Section and Recce platoon on the close side, Mortar platoon in the middle.
My deployment.  Large FJ platoon with attatched HMS and Shreks in the town square holding both objectives, Nebs in the rear.  FJ platoon in ambush with Marders, Stugs, and HQ mortars in reserve.
Riha advances with his Airborne and Shermans but the ambush is sprung!  Gunfire cuts down almost half of his troops as they were crossing the river, but the Nebs cannot range in.
His Airborne cannot unpin and fall back but his Shermans charge forward.  The Shrek and Knacker hit home and kill two tanks, the other two fall back.  
Reserves begin to arrive.  Stugs and Marders push their way forward to meet the Americans, screened from the Tank Destroyers by the buildings.  
Airborne platoon two has made its way unharmed through the woods to approach the objective.
Marders get another Sherman and the survivor flees.
German armor moves to assist the objective area.
The Airborne make their push.  .50 cal fire from the armored cars kill a few stands and smoke masks the troops.  The assault is bloody but the FJ win out.  Only the US 1iC survives to fall back.
The Marders move forward to support the objective but Riha deploys his Hellcats.
We trade fire and I lose a Marder, but hit two Hellcats in return.  As we had been playing for two and a half hours, we decide to call it.  6-1 for the FJ.


  1. Well defended by the Germans, you seem to have managed to get your reserves promptly?

  2. Yeah, Stugs came in on turn one but didn't really do anything all game. Think they killed one whole armored car with a lucky shot on the last turn. The Marders came in on turn two and totally pulled their weight. Mortars showed on turn three and eventually smoked the Hellcats.

  3. Nice game and a great report.