Wednesday, May 29, 2013

StuG III G platoon

Hey, thought I'd post some pics of these Stugs I finished last week for the Nationals at Kublacon.  I think my second attempt at chipping came out much more natural than the first.  These are painted to represent the Stugs from Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 242 that supported the FJs in Cassino.  I wish this unit had a more interesting scheme, but decided to keep them historical.  The Stugs of this unit were painted in plain Dunkelgelb and used the old artillery battery lettering system for Stugs instead of numbering them.  Schurzen was rarely seen on these Stugs, as the close fighting in urban areas caused them to snag on things.
StuG "A".  I modeled this on the Stug that defended the Continental Hotel in Cassino.
StuG "B".  I really liked how the crew came out on this one.
StuG "C".  I rebuilt a bailed out tanker for the gunner.
StuG "D".  I think I'm going to add some tie down rope to this one.

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