Wednesday, May 29, 2013

West Coast Nationals at Kublacon

Last weekend was the Late War Nationals at Kublacon in San Francisco.  I brought my Cassino Fallschirmjäger and had a great time.  This was my first six-round event and it was tiring, especially due to the good times had late at night in and around the hotel bar.  All of my opponents were great, and I especially enjoyed my game with Bryan Koches, who came out from Texas.  Unfortunately I forgot to get any shots on day two, guess I got too excited watching the match ups.  Round Four was vs. Bryan Koches and his 4th Armored Rifles (4-3 in Breakthrough), Round Five was vs. Adam Carroll's Kampfgruppe Spindler (6-1 in Pincer), and Round Six was Free For All vs Chris Jackson's 82nd Airborne (1-6).  I still had a chance until that last round.  I didn't feel confident for a big win there as Chris is ranked 3rd in the US and is a super solid player.  He also had a nasty list.  I did feel like I could get a few points though, but the dice were not to allow it.  Nothing but bailed out tanks on his side, couldn't get a FP check to score a point.
Round One I had the pleasure of playing Sam Wallis.  He was playing US Dismounted Cavalry with Fortifications, So while everyone else played Dust Up, we had No Mans Land.  We were both very unprepared for this...
We both had some issues deploying, as we both only started with two infantry platoons.  What we thought were our maneuver platoons were actually going to be defending the objective.  Our mines and wire were also deployed in our own way!  My troops had to cross their own barbed wire to reach Sam's defenders and secure the objective.  With the entire game played at night Sam couldn't use his Air and reserves played no part.  I was able to get a 6-1 victory by taking the objective on Turn Three.
My big victory in Turn One led me to a Riha rematch!  Round Two was Surrounded vs. Eric's US 2 ID.  This was possibly the worst Defensive battle I could have ended up with vs. him.
Reic deplyed his Shermans and Mortars on one side, both Infantry, Recon, and Tank Destroyers on the other.
This was pretty much the game right here on Turn One.  Both Rifle platoons charge forward double through the fields and couldn't be hit before they could get into assault range.  I almost had a shot at a win, or at least another point, but the game ended after a 1 on a 2+ morale, hehe.  5-2 for Riha, well played sir.
Round Three was Counterattack against Andrew Haas and his Panzer Füsiliers.  Andrew had a bunch of dudes in halftracks and was able to get to the hot objective much earlier than I could.
This was as far forward as I was able to get before his halftracks were in kill range.  I almost handed him the game when I forgot to move to contest on Turn 5.  Luckily the only team in range for him to capture was an empty transport team.
The Stugs came in from reserve and thought they could kill a few 251s that were loaded up with guys.  Unfortunately for them, they only bagged one and there were now a bunch of angry PzF MG teams in assault range...  They were soon after very dead but I was able to hold the objective at the end of the round.  5-2 for me.
This for me was the most enduring memory of the event.  Our room's bathrobe now located on a ledge several stories down from our room.  The night after the first day's games was nothing but entertaining.  Reno, you are a mad man!

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  1. Lots of headache inducing fun. Looks like it was a great event.