Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hold the Line on Holiday

I was able to squeeze in a game at Great Escape Games in Sacramento while visiting family during the holidays.  Dave Ripperda met up and we played a Late War match at 1650 points.  We decided on Hold the Line and I rolled to defend.  Dave was running Canadian infantry and I brought HG Panzergrenadiers.

I deployed a platoon of Panzergrenadiers to cover both Objectives, a battery of Panzerwerfers to the rear and had a platoon of StuH 42s in Ambush.  Dave had two platoons of infantry, Universal Carriers, a battery of Sextons, some Shermans with a Firefly, and a platoon of Achilles.
Dave is very aggressive on Turn One and with his recon in the open I drop my Ambush.  They have to deploy behind the trees and drive in but fire from them plus the infantry finish them off.
Dave continues to push hard, using his Sextons as assault guns.  Fire from them and the Sherman platoon kill two of the StuH 42s.
Looking a bit grim for the panzergrens.
Sextons continue to lead the attack, backed up by a rifle platoon.
Luckily the Panther platoon and second Panzergrenadier platoon arrive together.  Panthers hae to be careful of 17 Pounder fire but slow down the Shermans.  Panzerwerfer fire breaks up the infantry attack.
8-rads arrive from reserve and move to harrass the Achilles platoon, keeping them from firing on the Panthers.  Panzergrenadiers are still contesting the forward objective, but just barely.
The Panthers finally kill a few Sextons and the Panzergrens can launch an assault, destroying the remainder and pushing the supporting rifle platoon back.  
The Panzergrenadiers continue to push the Canadians back, reaching the town and breaking the company.  5-2 win for Hermann Göring Division, lost the 8-rads but their sacrifice gave the Panthers enough time to work.
Thanks for the game Dave, had fun!


  1. Dave has Allies???

    Fun read. Though it's hard to wedge those Krauts out of their holes once they've dug into woods...

    1. Yeah, they can be hard to shift but I thought Dave was a bit too aggressive with his recon and artillery. I was able to unload everything I had at the Carriers since I knew he'd just lift my G2G the next turn if I didn't shoot at them. Panzershreck took one out, StuHs got one and the other one ran.