Monday, July 1, 2013

Game Day at Brad's Napa Valley Estate

Riha and I got an invite to drive down to Napa to play a few friendly games and help a few newer players with the finer points of the rules and a few concepts such as list construction and tactics.  Brad had his guest house set up with three tables and a huge display case full of minis to choose from.  When we got there we coached some of the new guys through their games vs. each other and then I got a game in opposite Van Nguyen and his Fallschirmjägers in Breakthrough.  We played 1625 Late War to prepare for the September Pacificon tourament.  I ran a Panzer Lehr company from the new Atlantik Wall book.
Van had a full FJ platoon, a short FJ platoon, Marder IIs, Tiger IIs, an 88, and mortars.  I brought a platoon of Pz IVs, Pathers, Pumas and a short Lehr PzGren platoon.
Van ended up with a 5-2 win, I couldn't kill those Tiger IIs!  He kept them close to the buildings which were full of FJs.  I only killed one platoon, the Reluctand Trained 88.  I finally failed Company Morale on Turn Seven or Eight.  Only two Panthers and the 1iC was left on the board!
I tried to avoid the King Tigers while distracting them with my 2iC and Bergepanther and bought myself maybe a turn.
2iC trying to sneak around the Kings.
FJs charging to defend the Objectives.
2iC didn't quite make it...
Panzers assault through a few FJ stands.
Flank attack charges on, but can't get into assault range...  They take heavy casualties the next turn.
Kings are well placed and I can't get side shots.
These Marders would be the death of both the armored cars and panzergrenadiers...

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  1. Excellent to see someone else going with 2 KTs with FJs. :)