Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some great looking armies at Historicon

Thought I'd post some of the nicer armies I saw at the Nationals.  I wasn't able to get as many shots as I wanted because it was rather unclear to most of the players when we should even lay our armies out.  Next year I hope they have a set time for display instead of just having us put them out during lunch.  We had two days to go look at these but many players didn't even know we were supposed to put them out and many didn't have a name with them.  I never saw Todd Sunday's excellent SS Panzergrenadiers until I played him in the last round.  Display boards also seem to give a huge advantage.  Players who wanted to compete for the Best Presentation award got lost among the more than 50 tables if they didn't have a large display to attract attention.  Todd thought that maybe next year they should have anyone who wanted to compete for the award lay out their army at a set time and without any huge display board as anyone travelling by air couldn't possibly have something like this and would be at a disadvantage.  I tend to agree.

This was the winner of the Best Presentation award.  Nicely painted figures but ultimately the display board was the deciding factor.
Nice looking British tanks.
Very detailed Airborne force.
US armor.
Winter US.
Dennis Campbell's 21. Panzergrenadiers.  These were really top notch and full of little added details.  The display board was cool too, but didn't distract from the models.

Ammo dump objective
HQ teams.  Dennis mounted them on larger bases to show off some extra elements.
Panzerwerfer platoon with Pak 40 proxied by Vielfachwerfer models and a custom Mk VI.
My Fallschirmjagers.

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  1. We don't seem to do display boards here in NZ for some reason. Don't know why not though, they look really cool!

    Congrats on winning the doubles comp.