Friday, July 26, 2013

Wargames Illustrated Painting Competition

So, I entered my Cassino FJ objective into the Wargames Illustrated painting competition at Historicon last weekend.  Since they were handing out three placings in each category I figured I'd enter it just in case I won something.  There were 130 great entries in 10 different categories from fantasy to historical and there were two specific Flames of War categories: Objective and Platoon.  Ultimately I won first place for Objective and surprisingly took home the Iron Cross award for Best Flames of War entry against some very awesome competing entries.  Thank you to Dave Taylor, John Matthews and all of the other judges and congratulations to the other winners.  The Königstigers from Michael Jacques were amazing and won Best of Show.
Link to WI web article:
1) My Cassino Front Fallschirmjägers At Rest
2) George Lukach's Stopping the Beer Truck
3) Dan Larke's General Patton in Tunisia
1) Michael Jacques' Königstiger Platoon
2) Hugh Alderson's Australian Rifle Platoon 
3) Rob Chandler II's Easy Eight Platoon


  1. I love your FJ base. They look great. Thanks for putting up all those great pictures from nationals. I added your blog to my blog roll on Rust and the City. I'm enjoying reading through all of the FoW content on your blog.