Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recap from Riha's Garage

Last night Riha and I played a quick (too quick) game of Cauldron and web-cast it on WWPD.  He ran Reno's list of Soviet Light SP Artillery and I took my Cassino FJ's.  These are the lists we're taking to Historicon and we thought we'd practice a bit.  Riha is borrowing Reno's minis for the event and figured he should at least play with them once before Nationals.

Riha has an HQ-SU-76, 2x SU-76 platoons, 2x SU-122 platoons, Scouts, and IS-2s with tankos, plus IL-2 Air Support.  I took my FJ list of 2x FJ platoons with attatched HMGs and Panzershrecks, HQ mortars, Nebs, Stugs, Marder IIs.

This game was very short, we only played five rounds before my company failed its 2+ morale test.  I managed to kill one platoon, but that was the only damage done.  Riha's reserves were all in by Turn Two, while mine never showed.  Had I remembered anything about this mission I would not have deployed the Nebelwerfers and probably should have elected to defend the other side of the board so the Marders could have had somewhere to hide.  Lesson learned!!  Let's just hope I don't match up vs. Riha or his Breakthrough Guns at Historicon.
Random Deployment placed a platoon of SU-122s within striking distance.
I apparently had no idea what I was doing.  (I haven't played Cauldron in about a year)  Nebs, and the short FJ platoon start on the board with the Marders in Immediate Ambush.
IS-2s deployready to steamroll me.
Marders manage to kill two SU-122s, one was Bogged and the platoon, breaks.
But, the IL-2s kill two Marders aand my platoon breaks as well.
Nebs were assaulted, one survives to break off, but is killed by SU-76s, platoon breaks.
SU-76s circle my infantry.
IS-2s assault the infantry, killing several stands.

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  1. I feel your pain, have played with my FJ twice now vs. Hungarian list with 10 Zrinyi II Hbg fun, Panthers and similar. Gonna try my 2 King Tiger combo next time...

    Cauldron is another piece of ... Am playing an online game of FJ vs. Sappers in Cauldron, and I honestly hate the mission. The death-march part of reserves, when they finally decide to appear is nothing but painful too...

    Have fun in the tourney and hopefully won't meet many hbg...