Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Historicon Report- pt. 1

I'll break this up into two postings since there's quite a bit to cover.  This was the first time I've been to Historicon or any large convention for Flames of War back east and I had a great time.  We flew in wednesday night before the convention and Steve from WWPD let Riha and I crash on his couch before chauffeuring us up to the convention the next morning.  Thanks Steve for showing us around all weekend!

Thursday was the I-95 doubles tournament and Riha and I paired up.  He ran the Fearless Trained SS Schwerer Panzers from Kampgruppe Pieper and I had a list of Cassino Fallschirmjager.  He had 1iC and 2iC King Tigers and a platoon of two King Tigers for a one platoon company while I had two platoons of FJ with attatched HMGs and panzershreks and a platoon of Nebelwerfers.

We ulimately faced quite a few US lists, all of our opponents teams had a 2 ID list supported by tanks.  6-1, 5-2, 6-1 and first place in the doubles event!  We really did not expect to pull out a victory but King Tiger backed up by large FJ platoons held the day.
Round One we played Chris and Tom, they had US Cav Recon backed up by 2 ID.  We played Blind Domination, an  I-95 mission that was well received by all.  We had to contest or capture enough objective markers to secure the board. FJ move up and secure the middle center and right objectives, and hold them until the end of the game.
King Tigers hold the middle left objective.  We were able to keep the US team from kicking us off the middle objectives and by the end of the round hadn't lost any units, giving us a 6-1.
Round Two was an intense game attacking in a Fighting Withdrawl vs. 2 ID and a British Armoured list.  We were able to secure an objective by turn six but none of the pics came out.  5-2.  Round Three was against US 2 ID and US tanks in Dust Up on a great looking board.  We held our objectives with a FJ platoon and the King Tigers attacked up the center.
The US objective area.  My reserve FJ was able to put pressure on this side once it arrived but ultimately we were able to break the tank company for a 6-1 victory.

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