Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grenadier Scout Platoon

Final shots of my scouts.  Nice thing is they can be used for either Mid or Late War.  This is my first 'generic' army and maybe that'll make it easier to share units down the road across multiple lists.  These were built for my Shifting Sands army, but with an eye towards a Kampfgruppe Chill list from Bridge by Bridge.

Very happy with how the ground work came out.  It was my first time using the Brown Earth pre-colored basing material from Vallejo and I was very pleased.  After a wash and some highlights, it's a very good match for European soil.  Silfor tufts and static grass also came out nice.  I used a mix of several colors and lengths.
A mix of Sperrverband figures and a few others from assorted places.  All figs Battlefront.


  1. They look good. The basing looks very natural.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised they look as good as they do.

  2. Finished product is up to your usual great standards Rich.

    Hope to see some of your newer stuff when you are able to come join us for a tournament this year.