Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marder III H Platoon

These were my tank hunters.  They came out pretty good but I'm not super happy with the camo.  Still want to do some more work on the running gear too.  They performed very well for me since I went up against so many Tankovy lists.

I love the 38t chassis in all of it's incarnations.  I also needed to find some new crew figs for variety and used some dudes from other tank hunter types, a halftrack commander and a bailed out tank crewman.
I used some heavy tissue paper and folded it over a few spots that got airbrush ovespray.  They also broke up the 'sameness' of the three since there are no appropriate spare track links available.
I like how the 'canvas tarp' hugged the platform on this one.  My favorite of the three.

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