Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HQ and StuH Platoon

The StuHs were supposed to be my major hitter against infantry and guns.  I reality, I faced three Tankovy lists without any of these...  In the one game vs. Strelk I had they performed brilliantly.  The earliest models of StuH were based on the F chassis so I wasable to use the models I already had collecting dust on my painting table.  The HQ tank was also modified from an F back to an E model.

StuG E Company Commander.  I used the Gosewich hero figure as my CiC because I wanted some kind of focal point.
StuH platoon came out pretty nice, I have to admit they were a little hurried.  I finished them the day I left for the event.  
I still want to add tie-down ropes on the stowage and do some more to dirty up the running gear.
Modded figs on the Command StuH, a chopped Begliet gunner and head swapped commander.
Re-used StuG G platoon from my Cassino Fallschirmjäger.

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