Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 Review

Time for the traditional year-in review post!  2014 was a slow year for me, mostly because of the move out to New Mexico.  For me, tournaments provide the motivation of a deadline to paint minis and without many smaller local events to plan for I get lazy.  Historicon did force me to finish an army that was partially done for a few years and Shifting Sands also prodded me into building some units I needed for other lists too.  Most of the units I painted in 2014 were given away at the D-Day event I ran for NorCal last November.
Grenadier Scout Platoon
Marder III H Platoon
StuH 42 Platoon
15cm Nebelwerfer 41 Battery
HG / Luftwaffe Feldplatoon
HG / Luftwaffe Feldplatoon
Luftwaffe Scout Platoon
HG / Luftwaffe HQ
24 Firestorm units plus awards!

I was also able to participate in four major tournaments and several smaller ones, ran one of my own, and won Best Painted at Kublacon and a second Iron Cross award for Best Flames of War entry at Historicon.
Shifting Sands
I-95 Doubles at Historicon
Nationals at Historicon
This year I hope to get to a few more large tournaments and paint up another army or two!