Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hobby Day in the East Bay

Brad Feliz hosted a hobby day at his place in Napa so some of the NorCal guys could get some work done.  Several of us were trying to finish up our lists for Shifting Sands next week.  Five of us gathered and much progress was made.  Brad even provided snacks and lunch!

Work stations and guacamole!
Mike painted a whole company of SS.  I mostly ate chips and salsa.
Ziv brought about two armies to work on but saw some progress made.
Thanks for hosting this Brad, this is the kind of thing I miss now that I'm out here by myself in New Mexico.  See you in Mesa!


  1. O wow, that would certainly be a motivator for my painting instead of sat in my own hobby room drinking cheap wine and getting distracted by episodes of Netflix this and that... :)

    1. I rarely get much accomplished unless I block out an entire day. Once I get the kids to bed and finally get started, it's late and I might get an hour or two in before I fall asleep.

    2. That's typically how it works in my house. And then I have to fight the "I have to complete this before bed!" syndrome that threatens me with 1am+ bedtimes.....