Monday, January 26, 2015

Shifting Sands Armies on Display- 2015

Took some pictures of some of the armies while they were out for the painting competition.  Tried to get everyone but sometimes there was a crowd around a table.  There were also a few games still going so missed those as well.  Great looking armies from everyone this year.

These are mine.  Hermann Göring Sturmkompanie.
Brad Feliz' US Rifle company.
Paul's Polish Airborne company.
Nelson's Canadian Armoured Company.
Jacob DeMenna's Soviet Forward Detachment.  This won Best Painted.
Art Mehler's Romanian armored company.
Issac's Irish Guard Armoured Company.
Mike's Remagen SS Infantry company.
Not sure who ran these Brit tanks.
Daniel Wilson's 7th Armored Company.
Jon Halter's US Armored Company
Hugo's Soviets.
Pete's Soviet Lend-Lease Armored Company.
Ben Polikoff's US Armored Company.
Mark Francis' Remagen SS Infantry Company.
Justin Price's US Armored Company.
Tom Opalka's Hero Soviet Armored Company.
Buzz' US Armored Rifle Company.
Unidentified Soviets.

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