Saturday, January 28, 2023

2022 Review

2022 was a lost year for any hobby work, as my spouse deployed for half the year and I was kept busy with other things. I only painted one mini, a mouse droid for a friend, and that was on the last day of the year! I did spend many hours working with my spouse on a Captain Phasma cosplay, so the airbrush got some use.  

I also painted exactly one droid.

I did get quite a few games in with friends and taught my son how to play, and got to play in two tournaments at small conventions in Alameda and Auburn.



I did get back into buying some minis, though I also sold quite a few to help balance it out. 113 minis and models purchased and given to me, mostly Flames of War and Legion, and 1 painted for a total of +112  items added to the mountain. 

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Mouse Droid

 I painted up this Black Series-scale MSE droid for a friend of mine, it was a resin print that my spouse made. Airbrushed with a mix of Tamiya colors.

One simple droid.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Skirmish With the Kiddo

 My son and I played a quick game and had a bit of fun, still trying to teach him some of the basics.

My infantry and Hetzers charge forward at his lightly defended lines.

Luke moves his Panthers and infantry forward.

Panthers arrive to defend against my bold attack, and hold.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

VetCon - 2022

NorCal Flames of War has dwindled down a bit these last few years, but one of our members wanted to start a new convention in Auburn, as he was soon moving out of state and wanted to celebrate a bit first.  I agreed to run a three-round Late War Bulge event, and ended up playing to make the numbers even.  I ran German Panzergrenadiers and in Round One I was matched up against Sam and his US Engineers.

Sam's Stuarts blunt my attempt to sneak my halftracks across the rails.

A series of assaults saw me make progress into the town, but his numbers held out.

I nearly had it early, but his engineers held long enough for the rest of his reserves to enter the town, and I just didn't have the numbers to push him out.  1-8 loss, as I could't quite break a second unit.

In Round Two I'd face Dave and his British Rifle Company supported by Archers and AMTRACS.

Open sights to engage the enemy!

My defensive line

I quickly was reminded that a single unit of heavy guns isn't enough as the Archers and Fireflys took out my Panzer IV/70s early.  It was only a matter of time before the flamethrowers and MG toting AMTRACS put a hurt on me. 1-8 loss, and we went to have beers!

Round Three I faced Russ and his British Armoured Cars in a bit of a wild one.

Most of the fighting took place in this small wood

Russ took the objective eventually, a solid win for him.

Another 1-8 loss saw me firmly in last place, and that was mostly due to my poor list design. Once the PanzerIV/70s were gone, I couldn't even stop armored cars, really.  Fun times all around though!