Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Great War British Mark IV

The Heavy Tank platoon can include Mark IV tanks in either the male or female versions, either OQF 6 pounder guns or Vickers machine guns.  I magnetized the sponsons so Sam could switch them easily.

Mark IV Male with OQF 6 pounder guns and Vickers machine guns.
Tried to keep the weathering simple.
Mark IV Female with only Vickers machine guns.

Great War British Mark A Whippet

The Medium Tank Platoon consists of one to five Mark A Whippet tanks, armed with multiple machine guns.  I chose to model this tank as A233 'Crossmichael', which saw action in August, 1918.

I tried to make it a little dirty, without it being a mess.

Great War British OQF 18 pounder Field Battery

These 18 pounders are the best option to counter armor in the Great War era, and can be fielded in a unit of one, two, three, or six.  The smaller Detachment doesn't have a command team, but the larger Battery does.

The guns, crew and caisson fill the base nicely, without feeling cramped.

Painted the fourth gun for 1940 lists.

Great War British 3" Stokes Trench Mortar Platoon

These Trench Mortars can be fielded from one to four stands per platoon.  Here's a whole battery of four.
I wish BF would've added in some ammunition canisters or something, the big bases look so empty.

Four guns, no command team in sight.  Looks like Flames of War V4!

Great War British .303 Vickers HMG Platoons

Next up for the British are two platoons of .303 Vickers HMGs, one by Battlefront, the other by Peter Pig.

The Battlefront offering is nicer, and came with four guns.  I mixed up a few command figures for variety.
Peter Pig only gives you three guns and I had to scrounge for a command team.  The figs look like they're in 1940 BEF gear.
These painted up pretty easily.

Great War British Rifle Platoons and HQ

It's been far too long since I've posted anything, which also means it's been a long time since I've painted anything!  I finally finished Sam's Great War British army, hopefully he likes what I did with it.

I used an old BF officer figure for the Major since all of the figures in the box set were identical.  It also came with two sniper teams, even though it only allows you to take one in the list!
Full Rifle Platoon with Rifle, Rifle Grenade, and MG teams.  I kept the basing barren to represent the no-man's-land between the trench lines, and added bits of barbed wire to the bases of both Rifle Platoons.
Second Rifle Platoon is similar, with a few random figs mixed in for variety.
Sam asked me to paint up a few extra teams so he could use these guys in Early War as well.  Here are the Staff Team (now obsolete), Bagpiper, Light Mortar, Anti-Tank Rifle, and Observer teams.
Apologies if the pictures are less than my standard, had to use my phone in a room with bad lighting.