Sunday, March 20, 2022

CarrierCon 2021 - USS Hornet

 NorCal hosted a small skirmish tournament aboard the USS Hornet in the ward room, and I brought a recon force with Pumas, backed by Hetzers. In Round One I played Chris and his British Armoured Cars.

Pumas supporting infantry as the approach the objective.

Hetzers managed to destroy all of the carriers and took the objective.

I won that first match with 7-2, and would play Mike and his Americans next.

Mike brought real tanks and they were scary!

My infantry held the woods vs. US Rifles.

Once my Hetzers arrived they engaged the Shermans, and I was able to claim the objective.

An 8-1 win in the second round put me in a tie for first going into the final match against Wyn and his US tanks.

The objective in the center had our attention, and we had quite a fight over it. 

Had my Pumas or Hetzers actually hit anything, I might have won the game, but as it stood, I took a 3-6 loss.  I still managed second place in the event, and had a great time!