Friday, March 25, 2011

Mountain Display Board in Progress

I built a display board for my Gebirgsjager for a tournament in Portland, OR last year and thought I'd post some work-in progress pics.  I used blue insulation foam sheeting and GF9 static grass and snow,  with some Woodland Scenics trees and some evergreens I bought in Japan a few years ago.

Making sure everything fits.
I set up the board with the army being displayed.  I wanted to make a three-tier board.
This is the board once I built it up with bits of extra foam.  I marked where I wanted to sit my different platoons to make sure I had space.
Gorn rock.  I wanted to display my HQ on the top tier along with my objectives.  I also knew I wanted a large rock of some kind to draw attention to them, so I picked the most iconic of Hollywood rocks, the one where Captain Kirk fights the Gorn.
Some other boulders.  I just carved up some extra bits of foam.
Painted and with Static Grass.  I just used some acrylic hobby paint I stole from my wife.
Snow, leaves and trees added.  The Static Grass and snow are from GF9, the leaves and trees are Woodland Scenics and the evergreens I bought at a train store in Osaka, Japan.
Some close ups of the detail areas.


  1. Is that Gorn Rock?

  2. Sure is. Just need to make a Kirk figure now.

  3. I loved this display board at the March tournament! Any chance you can give us a preview of your next project?