Tuesday, July 28, 2020

West German TPz Fuchs Armored Personnel Carrier

Resin and metal builds with lots of little hand tools to paint, the top-mounted missile launchers are magnetized.

Crisp details all around, these were nice to paint.

Two units for the Pioniers to drive around in!

West German Marder Roland FlaRakPz 1

A pair of resin/metal AA Marders, simple to paint but the turret is a bit top-heavy.

Had to take some liberties with the decals so they would sit better.

More West German Marder 1 A2 IFVs

One more unit of Marder IFVs.

So many Marders.  Could be worse, could be Soviets!

West German Leopard 2A4 Company

These are all-plastic models from Battlefront and were fairly simple to paint.  I painted up two HQ tanks and two units of four tanks.

HQ tanks, not much for stowage on these.
All ten, ready to rumble.

West German Leopard 1A4

A single Leopard I, resin tracks were pretty beat up unfortunately.

This panzer is late to the party but I matched it up with the other Leopards I painted previously.

More West German Panzergrenadiers for Team Yankee

I finished the second half of a large commission for a friend of mine, Team Yankee West Germans from the Leopard book.  Had to try and match some colors on these infantry, need to start writing that stuff down!

One more unit, plus a few extra small stands I was asked to paint.