Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mid War in Albuquerque

Way back in October I made the trip up to Albuquerque for a Mid War event hosted by Active Imagination.  I brought my Fallschirmjäger, this time represented by the Tunisia/Sicily list in North Africa.

My first game was against Steven and his German Pantherkompanie.  He had lots of CT Panthers supported by two small infantry platoons.  The mission was No Retreat and I would be defending.

I would deploy my Fallschirmjäger in and around the buildings in the town, holding all four corners of the crossroads.  He would drive his Panthers straight in on Turn One.
With the panzers charging forward, I had no choice but to sit and wait for the ineveitable assault.  I had Marder IIs in Ambush, but wanted to wait for flank shots.
The first Assault by Steven would push back my Fallschirmjäger, though it would cost him three Panthers.  The FJs would retreat to the ruins in the bottom right of the photo.
With the Objective contested, I moved my second platoon of FJs to assist.
Steven tried to push them off again, but this thime the FJs stood strong, destroying all of his tanks.  He would concede here, 6-1 victory for me.
My second round would see me matched up against Eric's Soviet Strelkovy Battalion in Cauldron, and I would be defending again.  Mid War Mosters were allowed, and Eric had a pair of KV-5s that I had no real answer for.  Yikes.

Eric's random deployment would put one Strelk, the KV-5s, and his portee AA MGs on my left.  My FJs were deployed across the center.
These things are big and nasty, but the low ROF and slow speed helped me out.
My deployment.  Marder IIs in Immediate Ambush.
Eric's Strelk came right in, but the FJs were tenacious defenders.  I was just able to hold them back for the 2.5 hours that we played, 5-2 victory for me against the Soviet hordes.
My final round was against Derrick and his Gurkha Rifles in Hasty Attack.  This time I would be the attacker.

I deployed up front, but wanted to aviod the mostly open center of the table.
I sent my troops up early, setting up for an assault where I would have the advantage, but plans never quite go as they're supposed to...  The assault would get pushed back, even though I had them pinned down, 5 out of six shots on 5s!  After failing to break this platoon early, we would both stick around for another 2+ hours, as Derrick had 11 platoons of mostly infantry, backed by Honey Stuarts.  
I would just barely win this one an the last moment, earning a 5-2 victory even though half of my army was down to 1 or 2 stands.  FV troops stick around!  

Thanks to all of my opponents, fun as always!