Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sd. Kfz. 250/7 8cm Mortars

The last unit for my Großdeutchland Aufklärungs force is a pair of 8cm mortar-armed Sd Kfz 250/7 halftracks.  Each company had two of these as part of its heavy weapons platoon.  I've always been jealous of the US version of these little guys, so now I have some of my own!

(I noticed while putting these up that I forgot the unit mascot, now added!)

I used some spare 8cm mortars and replaced the ones that came with the halftracks.  They were super small and the baseplate was chipped on one of my examples.  Models by Battlefront.
New baseplate and I made a tarpaulin for the back out of heavy tissue paper.
Second vehicle with a headswap and slight change to the gunner's pose.
I kept the weathering light on these as well.
Still drifting!
That's it for the GD boys for awhile, next up are some long-overdue PaK40s for my Fallschirmjäger!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sd. Kfz. 250 Halftracks

I repainted four Sd. Kfz. 250 halftracks for a Gepanzerte Aufklärungs force that I wanted to take to LVO but time didn't allow for it.  These used to belong to my old Afrika Korps troops and I stripped the paint off and got the airbrush out for the Kursk front.  The 250 isn't officially in V4, but they'll sub for the 251 which is basically the same except larger.

Command halftrack with 3.7cm PaK36.  I tried to keep the weathering light on these.
All old Battlefront resin and metal.  This was a Rommel 'Greif' model but I removed the antennae.
This unit all seemed to make the same modification by adding fuel cans along the fenders on all of their halftracks. 
Großdeuthland's recon troops were originally from their motorcycle unit and kept the tactical symbols even after becoming an armored unit.
I couldn't get all of the primer off of this one so it became a chipped front end.
So tiny! It was a trick getting any crew in at all.
Hopefully I still get a chance to use these in a game now that their done.
Uneven front wheels have always plagued Battlefront's halftracks.  Now with drifting action!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sd. Kfz. 231 8-rad Patrol

To continue the theme of old, partially completed projects, I went back to a pair of 8-rads I initially built for a Führer Begleit list a few years ago.  They had been sitting primed and ready for paint since then, and I now wanted to use them for a Kursk-era Großdeutchland list for LVO.  I had to switch to the Grenadier list I ran due to a lack of time to finish the core of list, but I went ahead and finished these up today.

Pretty simple, but I wanted these to be well-used.  
Hopefully the chipping wasn't too heavy handed.
Love these license plate decals from Command Decision.
Came out pretty good for old Battlefront resin models.
All of Großdeutchland's reece squadron vehicles seemed to have the little 'Uhu' beneath their vision ports, so I added those as well.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Tank Turret Bunkers

I've gone back into my Un-Finished Objects (UFO) box and decided to finally complete some bunkers I started way back in August of 2017.  While working on them I dropped my airbrush twice and had to order replacement parts both times as I broke two different parts, only times I've ever dropped it.  I now consider these things cursed and with the changes to lists in V4 I may never even get to use them.  Oh well, at least they're finally finished!

Link to my previous work on them:
HMG Bunker

All Battlefront models.  Pretty happy with the Panther Turrets, they saw action in Italy along the Gothic Line, etc.
Not super happy with the concrete, but they're done.
Happy with the camouflage though.
R35 Turret, seen in Normandy.
This one might actually see the table one the new D-Day books come out in June.
5cm KwK Bunker.  This one might see some table-time too.
Gun close-up, it's magnetized, too.