Thursday, January 20, 2022

Brief Game at Great Escape Games

 Played another quick game vs. Johnny the other day to try out a Grenadier list and quickly realized that poor quality Americans can bring a lot of firepower to the table.  It wasn't even close... Still fun though!

Looked about even until the reserves showed up

Mine never did! 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Skirmish at Game Kastle

 Russ and I got together to try out a 30 point skirmish format for Flames of War with a pair or recon armies.  Smaller table and cheaper units, quite a bit of fun!

British Armoured Cars vs. German Aufklarungs

Carriers try to assault the infantry...

But the Germans win the day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2021 Review

 Finally, there was a (limited) return to the tabletop!  2021 was another year of high expectations that ultimately got away from me.  Kids and other family commitments kept me from much hobbying, and without any large or consistent events, it's always tough for me to find any motivation.  I did, however, find a bunch of Flames of War models, either by way of gifts, prizes, or a late-year surge in army-building interest!  I initially planned on attending Nationals at LVO in 2022, and bought some minis to complete a Panzer IV force, but those plans have now changed.  

HG 7.5cm PaK40s

Panzer III Observer

Rebased Panzerschreck teams

SdKfz 250 Observer

I only managed to play seven games of Flames of War all year, but played four of them against old friends that I hadn't seen in about two years.  Crazy times we're living in.   I did get a few items painted up for a great event hosted aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda, and hope to attend another event there planned for the spring.

Event on USS Hornet

  Besides a handful of random minis, my largest purchase was about a dozen 28mm pirate figures that I hope to use for Ghost Archipelago, and a few dozen new (and used) Flames of War minis.  85 minis purchased/traded for/acquired in strange fashion vs. 7 painted, and a pair of 1/72 scale models sold brings me to a +76. Maybe I can get some Bulge Germans built in 2022?