Friday, March 25, 2011

My Gebirgsjäger

Thought I'd start off by posting some pics of my Gebirgsjager army.  It took me two years from bits to table, and I still add platoons here and there when I have new ideas for tweaking my list.  These poor guys have been chewed on by a rabbit, crushed by kittens, dropped off tables and had books fall on them, but I keep re-attaching their heads and machine guns.  I have won Best Paint several times with them and Best Historical at a major competition in Vancouver, Canada. (40 players)

HQ and first platoon
Pionier platoon
Tiger I
10.5cm GebH40 
Staff team
Looted 75/34 StuGs


  1. Absolutely incredible!
    i thought i saw one guy wearing lederhosen, NCO privilege? :)
    i'm sure its just his ammo webbing over white-smock.
    Makes me wish the soviets had a comparable list.
    if i put my high-falookin' super Kommissar to stand behind a strelkovy platoon, i'm sure they would instantly become mountain climbers.

  2. Loving the website and the minis, particularly the AK and GJ. Would you mind sharing how you did the map represented on the Staff Team bases and where the dispatch rider came from on the last objective? Marvellous!

  3. Thanks so much! They are both favorites of mine. I use a 1/35 scale map from a Verlinden kit I had in my parts box and just cut a corner out of it. I know others who scale down maps in Photoshop also. The dispatch rider is a lower half from the DAK motorcycle platoon. One of the legs and the torso and arms are from a Marder commander. I also used the head from a DAK ATR guy. Green stuff to fill the gaps. I try to bash up a few guys just to get the poses I want, especially for objectives.

  4. Wow That's awesome stuff man! I'm really inspired by every thing here. Thanks. -Gun

  5. Very cool. Have you read Black Edelweiss? Your objective marker reminds me of it. Very nice work.