Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Japanese Chi-Ha and Te-Ke Tanks

I finished up my very first commission project in time to make delivery to my friend Hal when I flew back to San Francisco last weekend.  Hal asked me to paint up these four tiny tanks in exchange for some Italian guns I took in trade.  See here for an in-progress report: http://flamesofnerd.blogspot.com/2015/11/6mmrpc-week-twenty-two-japanese-tanks.html

Once I got the camouflage down, they finished up pretty quickly, since they didn't have commanders or stowage.  I free-handed some regimental markings on the hull and turrets as well.

Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tanks.
Type 97 Te-Ke tankettes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Changing Gears

So, my great endeavour to put a new army on the table for Kublacon has come to a grinding halt.  After making decent progress, I ran into a major snag, as my go-to primer is out of stock everywhere locally.  I kept being told that it would was ordered and in the system, that it would be here 'next friday', but five fridays later, I've been forced to concede.  On top of that, my five-year-old started T-ball and I never realized how much of a time commitment that could be, even at this level.  With only three weeks left until I fly back to California, I dusted off my 1. Fallschirmjäger army that I originally built for the 2013 Nationals.  With the changes since the Cassino book, plus the reduced points total I would need to go with a non-fortified list. 

I wanted to get to eight platoons, as the list at six platoons wasn't really any better.  Everything is good to go, except for the Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon, which is in various states of completion.  I also need to perform a little bit of repair and paint touch-up throughout.  
I think two platoons of solid infantry, eight Marders, two smoke templates, and two small gun platoons should do OK, it's not an event winner, but nothing German really is anymore.  Leaves more time for the in-house pub, right?

Thse were originally part of Tunisia  project from about 10 years ago.  No primer, no problem!
Additionally, my 'expensive hobby' finally came back from the body and paint shop.  21 months, but I think it was worth it.  The rest of the work will be completed by me, slowly but surely, whenever the wife allows me to buy parts.