Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6MMRPC Week Seven: 10.5cm NbW35 Battery

Finished up a battery of German heavy mortars for my Historicon list.  These are painted to match my Luftwaffe/Hermann Göring infantry, and were originally planned for 10cm NW40s, but those are tough to come by for some reason.  Found three at the swap meet at Historicon, but too late for me!

Not super happy with the basing, I'll probably go back and re-do it.  

I'll be able to swap these mortars for the larger 10cm NW40s once I get another one.  For some reason, they come in a pack of three!
Four guns removed from the mountain!


  1. Yeah, basing's a bit bland and not up to your usual standards mate. Still, they are very nicely painted!

    1. Yeah, didn't get any grass on them until the night before my flight. I'll probably redo them.